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Talkin to myself

2011-03-16 05:01:52 by anarchianbedlam

Working on a "My little pony related flash animation". I really have little to no experience with flash, but im teachin myself i guess. The "help japan" flash was just a quick idea i had, and I made it in about a night :/ when you suck at drawing, simplicity is your friend. :D

Hopefully this will be the first of many animations.... (and hopefully they'll get better too)

Talkin to myself


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2011-03-16 06:26:09

I talk to myself all the time. When someone comes in the room, I make like I was singing and pray that the sucker thinks there's really a song called, "What-Does-She-Think-I-Am-Some-Kind-o f-Putz?".

Good job on "Help Japan", by the way. It didn't look amateur.